Lagoon's New Cannibal Roller Coaster!

You can see the height difference between Cannibal on the left and the classic wooden roller coaster on the right.

Make no mistake about it. Lagoon is planning on scaring the hell out of you in 2015. I live near the park, and I’ve been watching the progress on the insane new roller coaster that they’ve been constructing all year. In the fall, they released a few details about the new ride–a 208-foot extreme roller coaster named Cannibal. They showed a few pictures of what it will look like when it is open in spring of 2015, but seeing it in person…well, that makes you wonder if you’ll dare get on! It appears that the tower is either a ninety-degree incline or some sort of elevator lift system. Now that part of the track is installed, it looks like the ride will curve more than ninety-degrees on a hair pin that bends sharply. What’s crazier than going straight down? How about a descent where you’re partially upside down!

This ride is the tallest in the park. It stands above the Sky Coaster, the Rocket, and everything else. It can be seen standing above Lagoon from almost anywhere in Farmington City.

The track will have twists, turns, inversions, and at least one loop. All of the coasters in the park are a blast, but this thing will eat them alive! And you know I’ll be first in line to ride it!

close up lagoon

(Look at the red track coming out next to the crane! Holy crap!)

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