My High School Is Haunted!

Roy High School is haunted! Just ask any Roy High Royal, and they’ll tell you that the school is totally haunted. We always thought it was no big deal. But yesterday, I came across the top ten haunted high schools in America, and was surprised to see Roy High School on the list. When I was a student, it was common knowledge that a ghost named Mabel haunted the little auditorium. Many of my friends claimed to have even seen her. Mrs. Armstrong, our drama teacher, loved to perpetuate this myth–especially during Halloween. Other haunts include the floating head ghost in the auditorium, and the ghost of a kid that was hit by a train who now roams the hallways. It is truly a scary place!

Now pardon me as I debunk all of this. I was a student for three years and was in the theater department the entire time. These ghosts seem to center around the theater area of the school. And let’s face it: drama kids are extremely creative. I think the students invented the ghosts. In addition to being a student, I was a substitute teacher for several years in the theater department. I never once saw anything that resembled a ghost. About the most frightening thing I ever saw was a gigantic mouse scampering across the hallway toward the cafeteria. My wife, who also attended Roy High, was on the yearbook staff and was often in the building after hours working in the darkroom. She saw nothing frightening either. I know you’re thinking, wait, Todd and his wife both went to Roy High, and he was a substitute? I bet there was lots of scary stuff going on. The truth is, I graduated the year before she started school, and we never knew each other until we were both in our twenties. If this were a horror movie, we would have been chased around by a ghost while making out in the auditorium. But no, this was real life, and it just wasn’t that exciting.

The ghosts seem to be a myth, but there are those who will claim otherwise. Personally, I think an episode of Supernatural should be filmed at Roy High School. Sam and Dean would get to the bottom of it!

Read the list of the top ten haunted schools in America here.

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