Oregon Legalizes It

Oregon Weed

As of today it’s now legal to use marijuana recreationally in Oregon. They join Washington, Alaska, Colorado and D.C…5 out of 50 ain’t bad, right? Residents can possess 8 ounces and grown four plants, which must be out of sight, without having to worry about the Oregon fuzz kicking their door in. The feds, well, that’s another story. Oregon residents voted 56% to make it legal last November. It’s not an out and out a free-for-all though. There are some rules for Oregoneons…Oregeons…Oregon people:

As far as buying or selling, that won’t really be worked out until next year, so tax revenue (it’s said by 2020 Colorado and Washington could bring in around $800 million) won’t be seen for a while, but your grandfather won’t spend a night in the pokey for strolling through Powell’s with a J in his pocket. You also can’t be high in public.

What are other benefits? Well, they say it has helps with crime and police won’t have to bother with pot busts and the courts and jails won’t either. Also, this probably won’t happen in Oregon:

According to The Huffington Post:

Before legalization, 7 percent of all arrests in Oregon were for simple marijuana possession, according to The Oregonian. The ACLU reports that people of color were more than twice as likely to be cited for marijuana than white people. The enforcement issue will change dramatically, predicted U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.).

That same article site that there are more medical marijuana dispensaries that McDonald’s or Starbuck in Oregon.

So let’s take a tally of the last week or so:

  • The Pope says climate change is real
  • SCOTUS upheld Obamacare
  • Gay marriage is now legal in all of the United States, also thanks to SCOTUS
  • The Confederate Flag is being pulled from government buildings across the South
  • Pizza Hut is putting hot dogs in pizza crust

It’s an interesting time, 2015.

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