Satan Makes an Appearance in Detroit

King Tut, Rembrandt, Michaelangelo have all had their magnificent works of art shown worldwide, but no one trumps Beelzebub. The Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled a goat-headed statue of Satan, and because local news hasn’t quite yet figured out trolling, they created a digital work of art rivaling that of the subject of their story.

That’s not the best part, though. The guy pictured below needs, no, deserves his own show more than the water-ravaged parts of the world need H20, more than Floridians need Oxycotin-flavored Red Bull. This guy needs a new show like Shakespeare needed ink and quill. His name is Andrew Bowser and you should like him on Facebook.

Even Courtney Love digs it!

The second best thing is there are people in their living rooms watching it, believing it’s any sort of threat. “Honey! We’ve got to get out there and stop these people! Devil worshipers! Dag nabbit!” I can hear it. It’s a trope come to life.

The third best thing is Andrew Bowser’s pale-faced friend in the behind him. She does not break character once: stone-faced, impervious to mace. It’s exactly the look I want see on a woman’s face when she tells she wants a divorce. A boy can dream.


“A cloak of shame covers this man and only supreme light will wash my body clean.”

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