15 Utah-Based Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Did you know that Instagram just crossed the 300 million user mark? That officially makes it the second most used social media platform behind Facebook (Facebook boasts over 1.23 BILLION monthly active users – that’s a lot). With all of those accounts to sift through, it can be really hard to separate the good ones from the not so good ones. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

We scoured the Instagram realm searching for accounts based in Utah. Using hashtags, locations, and other search terms we found hundreds of exceptional accounts that are all based in Utah. From our results, we chose 15 accounts that we think you should follow right now.

Without further ado…


Utah IS rad, and so are the photographers featured by this account. Follow this account to get a really good peek at what it’s like to adventure outdoors in Utah. You’ll also be exposed to a bunch of really good photos taken by really good Instagramers… You may end up following dozens of accounts after you link up with this one.


A self-described Instagram community for Utah, this account really captures the essence of Utah and the people who live here. Again, by following this account you’ll be introduced to many great Instagramers who you’ll probably want to follow.


If you love Salt Lake City this account is a must-follow. Iconic images from all over our Capitol City are featured here. This account will remind you to slow down and look around you. SLC has a ton to offer.

We have the best sunsets PERIOD. #whereamiwednesday

A photo posted by downtownslc (@downtownslc) on


In Utah there is no better professional sports team than Real Salt Lake. Not only will this account give you original photos and insight on the team, it may also feature your RSL photos if you tag them or use the hashtags #RSLFamily or #RSL.

#RSL MF @kylebeckerman leads #USMNT into Craven Cottage, his first-ever game/start at an EPL ground #BELIEVE #AsOne A photo posted by realsaltlake (@realsaltlake) on


Another Utah outdoorsman giving you his view of the great State of Utah.


Our resident punk rocker (former drummer of the Used, current drummer of Rancid, Utah resident). This account is just plain fun. From videos of his adult-sized big wheel races and photos from little-known Utah boating spots, to some of the best desert quad spots and winter powder spots, this account gives a unique look at what Utah has to offer.


This guy wanders Salt Lake City and takes photos of cool stuff. He also has a really awesome beard.

Farmers Market adventures

A photo posted by Chris Holifield (@chrisholifield) on


Ok, ok… We all know that the term “photographer” and “photography” are being used really loosely on the Internet these days, but that does not apply here. This photographer is legit. She’s from right here in our home state and produces some of the best images you’ll find on Instagram.

#AlpineLoop #utahgram #igutah #beaUTAHful A photo posted by Abbie Warnock (@abbiewarnockphotography) on


With all these great photos of the Utah outdoors on your phone, you won’t even need to leave your couch.


If you love the Utah mountains and don’t follow this account yet, shame on you. These images will inspire you to get out and explore, as well as bring you a smile on a cold winter’s day when it feels like you’ll never see spring or summer again.


If you love Utah like we do, you will love the photos featured by this Instagram account.


We love this account. From the account description: “How I see the world. It’s all about perspective.”


Cool stuff from a really cool city.

Swung by the @50westslc office today and found this guy in the room, no one wanted to talk about him.

A photo posted by Real Media (@realmediaslc) on


If you love skiing or mountain climbing in Utah you probably already follow this account.

This is our future if we continue on the high carbon road. Rock, dirt, ice and very little snow. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of climate change on the glaciers in Ecuador and Mexico. They are receding at unprecedented rates. Its important to share these stories with Senators, the EPA and the White House. Climate change is not a belief system or a political issue. It’s a reality. Some of you have asked how @brodyleven and I balance our environmentalism with airline travel. It’s a good question. And there’s no simple answer. Every human economic activity has costs. Our work involves travel. But our work also makes a tangible difference in the world. It’s a lot harder to create a positive change in the world if you sit at home. Plus, that’s not my calling. We live an examined life and do what we can to inspire change. We are doing our best to behave more responsibly to the earth. And to create the future we envision. But to be a mover and a shaker, sometimes you have to move and shake. Will you join us? #actonclimate @protectourwinters photo: @graysonschaffer @outsidemagazine A photo posted by Caroline Gleich (@carolinegleich) on


Lakes, snow, and motorcycles… Another awesome Utah-based Instagramer.


Would you rather get first dibs or have the last laugh?


A photo posted by Taz Sherwood (@mistertaz) on

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