Jon Smith's Nascar Blog! Day One


Though it’s nothing I keep hidden, the fact that I’m a huge Nascar fan seems to surprise people.  I mean sure; we all have the stereotypical Nascar fan in our heads, but (hopefully) I’m not that guy.

Businessman solves problems

You were thinking “scientists.  right?”

Every spring, my Pops and I go to Vegas for Nascar Weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway: a 1.5 mile track that hosts 131,000 race fans for three days.  Yes there are engineers.  Yes, there are the shirtless beer can slinging hillbillies that seem to yell “GET R DONE” for no reason whatsoever.  And yes, there is at least one nutty DJ and his Dad seeing exactly how much he can get away with at a professional sporting event.  This year, we stepped up our “yee haw” factor by going in Dad’s RV.


Shitter was full!

Not only is there no commute, but it’s much less likely that Nuke Em will give away my trip in Dad’s tenement on wheels.  So with that out of the way, I bring you Jon Smith’s NASCAR PHOTO BLOG, DAY ONE!


We’re off!  He really is not the best driver, but in a beast this size, people stay out of your way.  So we’re good.


Quick stop in my old hood “Tha STG”!


Fun fact!  Dad likes awful buffet food.  He does not care for neon boobies, or surprise selfies.


Good Morning! I’m in what appears to be a FEMA camp.


Since I’m a fancy radio guy, I went to pick up some “media credentials” and get a finger point with “PIT BOSS” the official track mascot.  Giant Jeff Gordon was not amused.


My tickets do not suck.  On a quick tour of the garage area, where I learned that my help was not needed..or appreciated.


I wanted a free T-Shirt, so I signed myself up for their database.


From the garage, we went into the stands to watch cars! Mmmmmmm nachos.


I won the race dude! Wait no. I did not win. Right after this I realized my fly had been down most of the day.


With a few laps to go, we decided to head in to the media center to watch the end.  Austin Dillon wins!  Kapow!

So there you go!  Sunday will have about 3 times as many people, as well as the most popular drivers in the sport.  We’ll be getting up early so I’ll have more on DAY #2!

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