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Since I am the official right-wing gun-nut of the station, Corey O’ Brien suggested I write a blog about which thunder-makers I would want in my Christmas stocking.  I am an avid firearms collector, so before you say “DUDE , you don’t have a AK-47 on your list!??  You SUCK!”  It’s possible that I don’t have it on the list because I already have one.  I’ll do my top 10 guns EVER blog another time.

Since I’ve been a very good boy this year and Santa is a well-known supporter of the 2nd amendment, I’ll stick to the firearms I want protecting my other gifts this Christmas.

10. Saiga 12 Gauge Semi Auto

A 12 gauge magazine fed semi auto 12 gauge that looks like a Kalashnikov…  Everything about this is bad.ass.. This guy gets some poor reviews, and is considered by many to be “silly”. I agree, but I still want one.

9. Glock 22 .40 Cal

I’ve never been a big fan of Glock because of their double stack magazines, and bulky grip. I have girly hands, but the functionality of Glock is virtually unmatched. Plus, Deputy Marshal Rayland Givens carries one in the TV show “Justified.” That makes it a must have.

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8. Smith and Wesson .500

Absolutely NO practical use for this monster whatsoever. BUT! Hearing people at the range yell, “Jesus F***ing Christ” when you unholster at the range is worth the $900+ bucks alone.

7. Desert Eagle .50

Also not practical, but dude, it’s an ICON! The Isreali Army built this thing in the 80’s. Basically telling their enemies “Yeah, do somthin’.” Honestly though, shooting a DE is a breeze do to the enormous muzzle weight to compensate for the recoil.

6. Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM

A civilian version of the US military’s M14 which was a go-to rifle after the Korean War. The M14 was largely phased out in Vietnam to make room for the M16, but many in the service still use this rifle in combat. You can see a version being used in Black Hawk Down. Why do I want one? I think it looks cool.  Which really, what more do you need?

5. Baretta Xtrema2 12 Guage

This MOFO can cycle through 12 rounds in less than 2 seconds. That faster than most people can type 12 words. The best news is that they retail for less than $1000. Plus, shotgun shells are hella cheap compared to rifle and pistol shells, so you can still afford to hit the Applebees on the way home for some grub. Dude! You are KING FOR A DAY!

4. Sig Sauer P226

Pretty much any action hero you see on screen is throwing lead with this guy. Seriously, just check out the entries at the Internet Movie Firearms Database. Yes, that’s a real thing 🙂 Really, though, check it out. Click here.  Starting with “Rambo” and “Short Circut” in the 80’s all the way through “The Terminator” and “Mission Impossible” movies. As you have probably figured out, that while I DO shot my guns, I don’t hunt. I shoot targets and stuff, but mostly I just like to collect guns I think are cool.

Never owned a sig until today.. Put 100 rounds through it and I’m hooked. #p226#9mm#SIGSAUER A photo posted by @alston_walkup on

3. Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0″ Single Stack 45 ACP

If you are a concealed carry permit holder you KNOW what a PAIN in the ass it is to carry your weapon around. For those that don’t know, not only is carrying a huge responsibility, but it’s also a HUGE inconvenience. In the 15 years I’ve been carrying, I’ve YET to find a comfortable way to keep a gun me. Which is why the good lord invented backpacks. Or if you don’t need the respect of the world a fanny pack. If you ever see a guy with a fanny pack, don’t fuck with him, he’s packin’. The XD-S makes it a LITTLE easier by keeping the rounds in a “single stack” and making the magazine and grip thin. Which is also nice for those of us with office worker hands.

2. Barrett 50 Cal

This thing is insanely expensive clocking in at over $5000 for the basic model. BUT! For the price of a used Jetta you can have the meanest mama-jamma in the world. Accurate to 900 yards, and can blow a hole through the world. Most won’t pony up the dough for this, but if you do you can also plan on spendin’ $2.00 or more per round. Which would be enough to throw some 85 octane in your Jetta.

#Barrett #M82A1 #50cal #Barrett50 #barrettfirearms By @madisonarms A photo posted by Barrett (@barrett) on

1. Dillon Aero M-134D Minigun

This is a wishlist right? SO I can put this on here? Cool. Next time you see a goofy looking SUV heading to soccer practice, just know that they can save democracy at six THOUSAND rounds a minute. Holy F***ing S***!

The M134D in the left door of the Mi-17-V1…. #dillonaero A photo posted by Dillon Aero Inc (@dillonaeroinc) on

And yes, there IS a civilian model available!

Merry Christmas kids!

And there is that one day this happened…

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