A peek at the new MUSE album!

I am SO excited about the new music we’re getting in 2015. Already we’ve seen a new Fall Out Boy record, we’ll be getting new Imagine Dragons, and Awolnation as well. But one of the albums I’m MOST excited to hear. MUSE.
Every album Muse puts out has been better than the last. Almost to the point of me being disappointed when I pull up an older track.

Sports Fans: Black Male Green Team Loses Fails


Much like this guy, only I don’t think we’re sad about the same thing.

Yesterday we saw a sneak peek into the recording process which began nearly four months ago. We see what appears to be Matt Bellamy getting a little bluesy on the guitar. I love this. It’s just Matt and a guitar.

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We’ve seen a couple of hints about what we can expect on the band’s Instagram page. Seeing that the band is working with the VERY secretive Mutt Lange. (Who apparently worked Bellamy so hard his fingers bled!) Also, another video shows that we’ll get some more orchestra tracks, which were seriously one of my favorite things about 2012’s Second Law.


Milan strings

A video posted by MUSE (@muse) on

Looking forward to the bands seventh album at some point in 2015, when I know more, you’ll know more!

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