Watch The First BLINK-182 Show With Matt Skiba!

It’s looking less and less likely that we’ll ever see Tom Delonge back with the Blink 182 gang.  Every time I read a Blink-182 article it feels more and more like going to a friend’s house while their parents are fighting.  At some point you’re all like “dude, I just want to play with your Nintendo!”



Nintendo Entertainment System

This is where I peaked as a gamer…

It seems that most everyone is ready to move on.  Most of all, the band who performed their first show sans Delonge last night with Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba filling in.

Mark Hoppus kept things light with a quick “Meet your new mommy,” as he pointed to Skiba, who in my opinion did not disappoint. Esspecially when you consider he’s normally very moody and frowny with Alkaline Trio.  Let’s be honest here, Blink songs are not the most difficult to play on the guitar, and singing songs about high school girls when you’re a married guy in your 40’s probably is not rocket science.  BUT, the pressure is on!  There are LOTS of Blink fans, myself included who are wondering if this is going to work.  But he nailed it.  He added his own take on things, kept up with Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus just fine, and was able to keep a similar delivery to Delonge so that the songs would still be Blink.

No press was allowed in the show, and no photo passes were allowed.  BUT, this is the future and lots and lots and lots of people captured video and put them up on YouTube.

Check it, let us know what you think!  Oh and since it’s a live Blink show, you should be aware that there is some naughty language in the clip..  so, NSFW homies 🙂


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