10 Celebutard News Stories for December 10th, 2014

1. ‘Walking Dead’ May Have Revealed Its New Villain, But It’s Not Who You Think


Photo Courtesy of Misteriddles

With the Termites handled pretty quickly and the group moving on from the events at Grady Memorial Hospital (RIP Beth), we’re faced with one huge question in the second half of “Walking Dead” Season 5: What’s next?

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2. Nicole Kidman: Get married first, then get to know each other


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After all, the “Paddington” star, 47, decided to marry her current husband, country star Keith Urban, after they’d been dating for only a month.

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3. Lenny Kravitz: Women should run the world


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“I personally think women should be running the world,” the “Stand by My Woman” singer tells art publication Flatt.

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4. Gooding Jr. all over two gals ‘like a freshman at a college party’


Photo Courtesy of Mingle MediaTV

Cuba Gooding Jr. — who as Page Six reported, witnessed a brawl at Tao Downtown last week — wasn’t deterred from expertly clubbing again days later.

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5. Joan Rivers spreads her wealth far and wide


Photo Courtesy of Jim Luce

Joan Rivers spread her estimated $150 million fortune among family, friends, staff and charities — including a group that supports guide dogs, according to the comedienne’s will filed Tuesday.
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6. Avril Lavigne Plagued by Mysterious Illness


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Avril Lavigne requests that you keep Avril Lavigne in your prayers. Is she dying? It’s unclear.

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7. Nervous Jay Z fidgeted before meeting Will and Kate


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The royal couple was greeted with a standing ovation by the 17,732 fans in attendance when they took their court-side seats next to the visiting team’s bench during the third quarter of the Cavaliers’ 110-88 trouncing of the hometown Nets.

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8. Seth Rogen Has Heard the New Kanye Album, Live, In Kanye’s Limo


Photo Courtesy of Bob Howard

Kanye West is not known for being able to take a joke, but he loved James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Bound 2 parody video. In fact, he loved it so much that he invited Rogen into a limo van where he performed his entire unreleased album.

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9. Jimmy Fallon shows off first photos of daughter Frances


Photo Courtesy of Iheartjimmyfallon

After extending his unexpected paternity leave, Jimmy Fallon showed off photos of his newborn daughter, Frances Cole Fallon, on Monday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

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10. Maria Shriver disapproves of son dating Miley Cyrus


Photo Courtesy of Juan Cyrus

Maria Shriver — whose son Patrick Schwarzenegger is dating Miley Cyrus — doesn’t approve of the pop star’s wild antics and canceled plans to attend Art Basel Miami with her brother Anthony Shriver after Miley arrived in town with Patrick in tow, sources say.

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