10 Celebutard News Stories for Monday, December 8th

1.J.K. Rowling Will Share 12 New Harry Potter Stories Leading Up To Christmas


Photo Courtesy By pammielou

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to know that this winter is the most magical time of the year, thanks to J.K. Rowling. Read Here

2.Chris Brown and Karrueche – He Says She Banged Drake


Photo Courtesy By Sunrise on Seven

Things have gotten even more nuclear between Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran … and now Drake’s been dragged into it, making him the Camilla Parker Bowles in the relationship. Read Here

3.Joan’s case is far from settled


Photo Courtesy By David Shankbone

Conversation is the suit is gigantic. Phrases bouncing around? “Damning case . . . policy change . . . beyond explosive . . . huge money.” Read Here

4.Patrick Schwarzenegger – He’s Driving the Party Bus


Photo Courtesy By Hot Gossip Italia

Miley Cyrus has gotten a bad rap, allegedly corrupting her new BF Patrick Schwarzenegger, but we’ve learned he’s an insane partier who is actually pushing her beyond her limits.Read Here

5.Coldplay’s Next Album, ‘A Head Full Of Dreams,’ May Be Their Last


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When you try your best and succeed wildly, eventually it’s time to call it quits.Read Here

6.Could Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss be more than besties?


Photo Courtesy By Eva Rinaldi

It’s no secret that blond bombshells Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are besties, but new photos show there might be more to it than that. Read Here

7.Mark Wahlberg Wants Marky Mark Pardoned


Photo Courtesy By Eva Rinaldi

Mark Wahlberg wants formal recognition from the government that he’s now a Serious Movie Star and not just a beer-stealing eye-stabber. Read Here

8.Are Solange and Jay Z cool again?


Photo Courtesy By NRK P3

Solange Knowles showed there’s no more bad blood between her and Jay Z by playing his music at an Art Basel party. Read Here

9.Seth Rogen pre-games with fans

BlackBerry Hosts Premiere Party For "50/50" At TIFF

Photo Courtesy By Official BlackBerry Images

Seth Rogen happily greeted fans at a pre-party for “The Interview” at East Village bar the Village Pourhouse Thursday night, despite some disturbing subterfuge surrounding his new film.Read Here

10.Andre 3000 Reveals He Never Wanted To Do Outkast Reunion Tour


Photo Courtesy By Daniel Gregory

There’s a reason Andre Benjamin, best known under his stage name Andre 3000, wore 47 custom jumpsuits during this summer’s Outkast reunion tour. Read Here

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