Celebrity News – June 1, 2015

Dustin Diamond Faces 1 Year in Detention Over Christmas Day Stabbing

On Friday, a jury found Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond not guilty of felony reckless endangerment but yes guilty of two misdemeanors, charges stemming from an incident where Diamond allegedly stabbed a bar patron last December.

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Bon Jovi’s son ‘plied with booze, a hooker’ on class trip to Cuba

Jon Bon Jovi’s son partied like a rock star in Cuba — and his prep-school pal posted the photos to prove it.

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Paul McCartney Has Given Up Marijuana

After having spent decades (and a few days in jail) as one of the world’s most famous users of marijuana, Paul McCartney claims that he has given it up. In a new interview, he says that he quit in order to be a better role model to his descendants.

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Jerry Seinfeld loved the Letterman finale joke about Seinfeld

During the star-studded final Top Ten List on the last ever Late Show with David Letterman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus cracked that she was so pleased to be part of “another hugely disappointing series finale” following Seinfeld. Funny. But what did Seinfeld himself think?

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Joni Mitchell suffered brain aneurysm in March, slowly recovering: report

Joni Mitchell is apparently making a comeback. The health scare that severely impaired the 71-year-old folk legend two months ago was a brain aneurysm, Showtime 411 is reporting.

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The only way to start a BookCon panel from now until forever will be taking the stage with a guitar and singing songs that are both charming and dirty about your wife. That is the first thing I learned at Nick Offerman‘s talk with John Hodgman this year.

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Seth MacFarlane Slams ‘Duck Dynasty’ at Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Seth MacFarlane pulled no punches in accepting the Louis XIII Genius Award at the Critics’ Choice Television Award, taking aim at “Duck Dynasty,” himself and TV critics in his remarks.

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Tron 3 is NOT happening. Disney shuts down sequel

The House of Mouse just yanked the rug out from under the Tron trilogy. The third film, which would feature the return of Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and director Joseph Kosinski, is dead in the water. Despite all of its preproduction movement, Disney’s opted not to move forward with Tron 3.

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NBC Can’t Quit Brian Williams, Wants to Keep Him Around

You’d think that a man who was once a trusted news source but was disgraced when it was revealed that he made up some of his most-famous personal stories on the frontlines would be easy to leave behind. But that’s not the case for NBC and Brian Williams.

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LOUIE Season 5 Was Cut Short Due to Louis C.K. Smoking Pot

Many people were curious why Louis C.K. was rushing into a shortened fifth season, opting to go for eight episodes instead of a full season and possibly having a quicker turn around for a sixth season. As Danger noted at the time, any Louie is welcome, but it was something to ponder for a moment or two.

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