Celebutard News – February 13, 2015

2 More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

At a press conference organized by attorney Gloria Allred, two former models, Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin, made statements alleging how Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them in 1969 and 1989, respectively. Both women spoke while visibly weeping and declined to answer further questions.

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Six ways Brian Williams could spend his 6-month hiatus

You never know when a lie will catch up to you. Just ask Brian Williams, who was handed a six months no-pay suspension by NBC after lying about the RPG attack on a helicopter he rode in during the Iraq War for years. Although, the anchor was quick to apologize for remembering what had happened in 2003 — and repeating it over and over again — that wasn’t enough for network brass, who announced the anchor’s punishment on Tuesday. So what will Williams, who’s appeared on TV sets across the nation Monday through Friday as the host of NBC’s “Nightly News” since 2004, do with his unexpected half year off?

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Katie Holmes: ‘I love to wear men’s clothes’

Katie Holmes was impressed with what she saw for Desigual’s women’s line sitting pretty from the front row at Lincoln Center Thursday. But there was one style secret she just had to get off her chest.

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Scooter Braun’s Kid: Little JB

Scooter Braun paid homage to Justin Bieber by giving his brand new kid the Biebs’ initials. TMZ has obtained the birth certificate for Jagger Joseph Braun … it can’t be a coincidence that the kid’s initials are JB and how could it be that Jagger is anything but Mick?  In fact, the inspiration was indeed Mr. Rolling Stone himself.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have Named Their Baby, It’s a Boy

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, plastic sex dolls who fell in love against all odds, have been playing the long game with their new (but now kind of old) baby girl’s name. The simultaneously press-shy and press-starving couple have kept America and the Baby Name Critic on the edge of their seats by refusing to reveal the name of their faceless young one.

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Chris Rock jokingly blasts Brian Williams at amfAR gala

Chris Rock skewered Brian Williams at the glittering amfAR New York Gala at Cipriani Downtown on Wednesday night — and the newly single comic also made revealing remarks about his most recent co-star, Rosario Dawson, in a racy routine.

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Chelsea Handler’s boobs are back on Twitter

Chelsea Handler’s breasts have moved off Instagram and onto Twitter. On Thursday, the “Uganda Be Kidding Me” comedian, 39, posted a new topless picture of herself and thanked the social media network for not censoring her. “Thanks for having me Twitter,” she captioned the photo in which she is standing topless on a balcony.

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Pamela Anderson files for divorce yet again

Pamela Anderson is done with Rick Salomon  — again. The former “Baywatch” star, 47, has filed for divorce from her third husband for a third time, reports TMZ.

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Man pleads no contest to burglarizing Miley Cyrus’ home

A convicted burglar has pleaded no contest to breaking into Miley Cyrus‘ home last year. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office says Rusty Edward Sellner entered the plea to one count of first-degree residential burglary Wednesday.

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Diplo Is a Dick

What happens when your ideas of male coolness are unquestioned from 9th grade into your late 30s, and you’re rewarded with great fame and wealth no matter how obnoxiously you behave? You become Diplo, the music industry’s preeminent DJ and foremost prickwad.

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Is North West wearing a $3,500 fur coat?

North West’s wardrobe is getting pricey. On Wednesday, North braved freezing New York City temperatures wearing a fur coat as she trotted behind her reality-star mom, Kim Kardashian. Jody Wolfe and Marc Kaufman, of Kaufman Furs, identified the tot’s coat as being made from crystal fox fur and estimated it to cost about $3,500 (if real). “It looks nice on the baby,” quipped Kaufman, who added his celebrity clients include Diddy, 50 Cent and Janet Jackson.

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Kanye brings bizarre behavior to his Fashion Week show

After miffing the music industry at the Grammys, Kanye West brought his bizarre behavior to New York Fashion Week — where he made top editors wait in the cold to debut his collaboration with Adidas. Spies said fashion fixtures, including Vogue’s Anna Wintour and W’s Stefano Tonchi, had to wait 45 minutes for his show to start. A rant by West began playing, including him saying: “There’s a series of, you know, people who like writing negative comments. They want to joke around and say, ‘Why is he still trying?’ . . . I’m here to crack the pavement and make new grounds, you know, sonically and society, culturally.”

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Another Cosby show postponed

Bill Cosby has postponed a comedy performance in Bakersfield, California, amid allegations of sexual abuse of women. A message posted to the website of The Fox Theater states the Thursday night show has been postponed and the venue does not have a new date for the performance. The theater did not provide a reason and says it will provide refunds to ticket holders.

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CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Says He’d Love To Hire Jon Stewart

CNN President Jeff Zucker said Thursday that he’d be happy to talk to soon-to-be free agent Jon Stewart about joining the network, though he isn’t holding his breath that “The Daily Show” host would come aboard. “I’m a huge admirer of what Jon Stewart does,” Zucker said in response to a question from The Huffington Post. “We’d love to have him at CNN. I don’t think it’s in the cards, so I hope you won’t mischaracterize that. But if you’re asking me, would there ever be room for it? Yes, the answer is yes. Do I think it’s likely to happen? I don’t really think so, but we’d love to have that conversation.”

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Bruce Jenner: She Slammed On Her Brakes … I Didn’t Have A Chance

Bruce Jenner told cops that the Lexus driver who was killed in Saturday’s crash, suddenly and without warning, slammed her brakes in front of him and there was no way he could avoid the crash. Multiple sources tell us … Bruce couldn’t say if the Lexus driver had smashed into the Prius before his SUV struck her car, because it all happened so quickly.

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Bruce Jenner on phone while driving days after fatal accident

Bruce Jenner is about to take gold in the decathlon of bad driving. The former Olympic hero — who was involved in a fatal car wreck Saturday — continued his streak of dangerous motoring when he was spotted chatting on a cellphone while behind the wheel. The hazardous highway behavior not only comes after the deadly weekend wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, it comes after Jenner was spotted just a day later speeding on the same highway in a pricey Porsche.

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Bobbi Kristina in car crash days before being found in tub

Police reports obtained by The Associated Press show Whitney Houston’s daughter was involved in a traffic accident that injured two people days before she was hospitalized. Police in Roswell, Georgia, say Bobbi Kristina Brown was driving a Jeep Liberty on Jan. 27 when she lost control, crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. A passenger in the Jeep and the other car’s driver were taken to the hospital.

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Scott Pelley rushed to CBS to deliver news of Bob Simon’s death

Scott Pelley was seeing a Broadway show with his wife, Jane, Wednesday night when the “CBS Evening News” anchor got word his “60 Minutes” colleague Bob Simon was tragically killed in a car accident. Pelley had arrived at the Nederlander Theatre on West 41st Street to see “Honeymoon in Vegas,” where the cast greeted the audience with leis as part of a Valentine’s Day special show. But Pelley made an abrupt exit during the performance.

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Suge Knight — Cops Say It’s A Lie… There Were No Gunmen

Suge Knight’s people are either delusional or lying — according to law enforcement sources — because the video they believe will exonerate him is the same video prosecutors believe will put him away.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there is no gun or gunmen in any of the video footage captured by the security cameras at Tam’s hamburger joint the day of the fatal parking lot altercation.

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Robert Griffin III: My Wife Is Pregnant… And My Marriage Is Solid!!

There could be an RG4 in Robert Griffin’s future — because the NFL star just announced his wife is pregnant with their very first child!! Griffin — who’s celebrating his 25th bday today — made the announcement on Twitter … posting one of those baby announcement photos along with a caption that reads: “BIG thank you for making this birthday a special day!!! This year’s gift will change our life forever!!! #BoyOrGirl”

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