The Only Good Thing Interpretive Dance Has Ever Done

It’s not that I know a lot about of interpretive dance. I am very ignorant on the subject. It’s not a part of my world, which is the same reason I watch “Project Runway.” We all need a gateway to certain things. That one spark that ignites a new passion in life’s monochrome rainbow and broadens one’s horizons.

Perhaps it’s a parlor trick or easy math to combine pop culture and high art for the sake of plying people into a new world. The t-shirt of a long forgotten breakfast cereal, a picture of Marilyn Monroe smoking a cigarette, a painting of haystacks by an artist whose name you can never remember…these are the artifacts of our current culture. Old is new. Old is sexy. Sentimentality is sexy.

It started with a simple comedy song from 2012, “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf” from Rob Cantor. Quite lovely! The problem with these things is a camp and some social network sharing won’t get the job done. You need a new angle to reach critical mass. You need showmanship!!

So it’s 2014 and Cantor reaches out to Labeouf, basically asked if he would like to get meta. Sometimes you just have to ask. with some Arcade Fire-like paper mache heads, Shia decided to join the production and give a nod to “Citizen Kane” – the greatest movie ever. You can get the entire backstory at Indiewire. Or, if you’re the type of person who cares not for the commentary and goes for the meat and potatoes, click below and revel in it. Turn it up and disturb the productivity of your co-workers with the only good thing interpretive dance has ever done (as far as I know).

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