Watch the new Star Wars behind the scenes video!

My eyes hurt. It’s from movies where too much of the screen is saturated with digital special effects. Sometimes the entire background is purely digital. Hollywood has gone bananas with what they can do with a green screen and computers. Take a look at recent cinema eyeball-melting farces like San Andreas, Terminator Genisys, and the horrendous remake of Poltergeist. It’s like watching badly animated cartoons.

This is why J.J. Abrams made me excited with the way he is making the new Star Wars movie. He’s using real sets, mechanical effects, and actual explosions. Sure, there will be digital effects where he needs them, but it appears that he’s keeping it to a minimum. It will make the movie stand out in such a human way when it is released. A movie with two leading characters having human qualities? I guess that’s what it’s come to.

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