Dan Auerbach Interview


Dan Auerbach, from The Black Keys, sits down with Richie T. to speak about his new project, The Arcs, and their new album – Yours, Dreamily (Out Sept. 4). You can listen to the interview below and watch the video for the new single “Put A Flower In Your Pocket.”


How is it for you to have so many outlets to produce such great music?

“I just feel lucky, I feel fortunate that I have met these guys in the first place. Just because they’re just great friends and then to be able to play music with them is just really great… I have been playing music with all these guys [The Black Keys & The Arcs] for years and it really hasn’t changed the way we make music. And once we put a title on it and gave it the name, The Arcs, and it just became this platform to share music with people. It kinda just became more fun and more creative…”

(Featured Image by Jeremy James)

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