The Most Dangerous Cities in Utah – Merry Christmas

Utah, there is so much to love: French fries and ice cream, French fries and fry sauce, ranch dressing and ginger ale, frog-eyed salad, lakes, no fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The one thing no one likes is danger. Even if your last name is “Danger” you probably don’t actively seek it no matter what you say on social media.

mugshot dogThe real estate blog, Movoto, make lists (typically of 22 with the occasional exception) of things Utahns must know about themselves. They have gone socio-scientific this time by listing the ten most dangerous places in Utah. Sure, real estate may be cheaper in these areas, but you could get god-damn killed, maimed or a stubbed toe in these cities. I would argue 300 South in downtown Salt Lake, aka Broadway, to be pretty dangerous (or the most interesting street in Utah) with people always asking for a dollar, liberal, indie films screening at the Broadway Theatre and bars running amok. What is this? Austin, Texas? No. It’s a powder keg of progressive ideals ready to explode. Rocky Anderson has been rumored encouraging passer-bys to follow his secret liberal Twitter feed, RockyAfterDark. Where’s the Utah Eagle Forum when you need them?

One of my co-workers claims he feels unsafe in Sugarhouse, especially around Barnes and Noble and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Another co-worker said The University of Utah campus is akin to Dresden, Germany circa February 1945. I’ve no idea what that means, but once after a Morrissey concert at Kingsbury Hall a cop nearly pulled his gun on a buddy and myself while we waved down our ride outside of La Frontera. If two guys in polo shirts and flip-flops flagging down a VW Jetta on 13th East is criminal activity requiring the threat of lethal force, what chance do any of us have?

The only place I have been mugged was in the South of Spain and that’s a long way from Payson. Still, I won’t dismissNun with handgun isolated on white that Utah is filled with seedy boroughs. After all, according to the Salt Lake Tribune you are more likely to get killed by a cop in Utah than by drugs, child abuse homicides or gangs. I didn’t even know there were gangs still around, let alone in Utah.

Take a gander at this list and let us know what you think.

These are the 10 most dangerous places in Utah according to Movoto:

1. City of South Salt Lake
2. City of Salt Lake City
3. City of Ogden
4. City of Washington
5. City of Tooele
6. City of Brigham City
7. City of Cedar City
8. City of Sandy
9. City of West Jordan
10. City of Payson

You can read the original article at Movoto.

I would also like to toss an honorary mention Beaver’s way for no reason whatsoever.


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