Let's Go Eat Podcast: Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes

This is a special edition of the Let’s Go Eat Podcast for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn’t take place at a restaurant. Also, there’s no food.  You’ll have to imagine culinary delights in your head and look for a drink suggestion elsewhere this week because Bill sat down with Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes in his office. Mr. Reyes recently received national and international notoriety from his recent trip to South America to break up a child sex trafficking ring (“Vice” even reported on the story). A refreshing story about someone representing the state of Utah when it seems most of the press Utah receives is for our quirkiness or Sundance.

Bill and the Utah Attorney General discuss not only his recent success, but where he came from and his road to becoming Utah’s Attorney General. They also talk about his past athletic life, art, how his family came to the states, his inner geek and battling human trafficking in Utah and abroad.

You will find Mr. Reyes a very interesting person and politician. He may very well change the way you look at people in public service and what they can accomplish.

Here are some photographs from the Attorney General’s Office:

IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0795

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