Why Is This a Thing?

This character found a way to read the credits at the end of Super Mario World in record time.

The real question is, “Hey, how they get that window into your grandma’s basement.”

I mean, I’ve spend 6 minutes of my life trying to accomplish the impossible – like eating an entire Del-Pack of tacos on Taco Tuesday. I failed at that. It took me 9 minutes. I am glad I failed at that taco challenge because if I would have succeeded I would have done more stupid things and it would be me making this video instead of this guy. That’s a righteous hack if your hobby is reading video game credits. Then again, if you are the kind of person who buys a movie because of the bonus footage and “behind-the-scenes” materials, you may really enjoy this.

If you do make it through all 6 minutes of this video and not want to kill yourself then you may be clinically depressed and should seek professional help. It is like a litmus test for dimentia.

This is correlating evidence on why we don’t have a cure for cancer. There is a war on actual entertainment and this guy is a five-star general.

“You have to break the turtle shell at the pinnacle.” – They guy celebrating video game credits.

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