Celebrity News Stories for August 12, 2015

7 Rock Bands That Keith Richards Absolutely Hated

He badmouthed everyone from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles. Here are the seven bands he trashed, ranked from least to most caustic comments.

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Richie Sambora Is Still in No Rush to Reunite With Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora still has a “never say never” attitude toward the idea of reuniting with Bon Jovi, but fans shouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

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Cue The Tears, A TV Adaptation Of ‘The Notebook’ Is In The Works

“It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over,” Ryan Gosling’s Noah tells Rachel McAdams’ Allie before their kiss in the rain in “The Notebook.” And clearly, it’s still not over.

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Guy Ritchie earns his black belt in jujitsu

According to an insider, Ritchie, who was a brown belt for nine years, was presented with the new belt by his instructor, mixed martial arts fighter Renzo Gracie.

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Jessica Simpson’s dad sues man trying to ‘extort’ his family

Pop singer Jessica Simpson’s father is suing a California man, claiming he tried to extort $12 million from his family over the multimillion-dollar sale of his daughter’s retail brand.

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Miley Cyrus has a hot older half-sister

Following Miley Cyrus on Instagram may take you to a glitter galaxy far, far away, but her half-sister, Brandi Cyrus — part Miley with a splash of Kate Hudson — is the one to watch for a modern, sexy style trip.

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Busta Rhymes — Alleged Threats at BET Awards Trigger Criminal Investigation

Busta Rhymes is under investigation for allegedly threatening to slap fans at the BET Awards.

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Five Finger Death Punch Singer — Wife Files For Divorce After Getting Strangled In Jiu-Jitsu Chokehold

Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan L. Moody is now in the throes of divorce after his wife accused him of cheating and he allegedly beat her within an inch of her life.

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Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Records Rap Song … Dad Has Reservations

Jesse Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter Ashley wants to be a rap star and has just recorded her first rap song, but daddy Jackson thinks she’s on the wrong path.

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Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Invite Half The Cast Of ‘Friends’ To Her Wedding

You’d think after working with someone on a hit TV show for 10 seasons, you’d probably invite them to your super secret wedding – especially if that TV series was called “Friends.”

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“Beetlejuice 2” is Happening and Wynona Ryder says she’s in it

Ryder revealed the news to “Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Monday.

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Aretha Franklin cancels concert because of exhaustion

The 73-year-old singer said in a statement Tuesday that she has to reschedule the show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace after driving her bus from Detroit to the West Coast for concerts.

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Meghan Trainor cancels rest of tour due to vocal cord surgery

The singer wrote on Instagram on Tuesday that she also has bronchitis and she’s “been coughing a lot and that pushed it over the edge.”

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Kris Jenner has younger boyfriend ‘on a short leash’

The Kardashian matriarch – and manager — is used to being in control and it seems she’s no different when it comes to her May-December romance.

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Matt Damon on Ben Affleck: ‘He’s great’

Ben Affleck did not speak to reporters Monday at an event for his HBO series “Project Greenlight,” but his longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon said Affleck was doing “great.”

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Ben Affleck’s friends deny ex-nanny affair

Ben Affleck’s camp went on the defensive Tuesday, claiming there was no mile-high monkey business between the actor and his former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, on their private-jet trip to Las Vegas with quarterback Tom Brady.

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Sources Who Are Definitely Not Ben Affleck’s Publicist: The Nanny Was in Vegas for Business Reasons

He had his wife watch the kids and took the nanny with him because he needed the nanny’s help with a poker tournament (for charity).

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