Celebrity News – Wednesday, May 13 2015

Bethenny Frankel has a new man in her life

Bethenny Frankel has been spotted around town with a new man at the same time she’s been ordered by a judge to give estranged hubby Jason Hoppy $26,000 a month, plus $100,000 in lawyer fees, as part of their divorce settlement.

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Dr. Oz helps two people injured in NJ highway crash

Emergency responders say Dr. Mehmet Oz helped them out by treating two people injured in a weekend car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. The celebrity doctor saw the single-car crash happen Saturday night near Exit 6 along the Turnpike. Officials say he stopped his vehicle and ran to help.

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Amber Rose considers implants for 36H chest

With a quick glance at Amber Rose’s Instagram account, it’s easy to note she’s more than proud of her curvaceous body.

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Lena Dunham squeezes into a size small

Lena Dunham won’t let a fashion flub get in the way of her workout.

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Hugh Jackman joins 1,000-pound club, lifts 410 pounds

Hugh Jackman may actually be Wolverine.

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Paula Deen is offering her Savannah estate for $12.5M

Paula Deen has put her Savannah mansion on the market with an asking price of $12.5 million.

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Metallica fans can rest easy — the Lars Ulrich underwear saga known as thong-gate is finally coming to an end and the bare-assed truth is … the thong is all an illusion.

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Dadbod vs. Rippedbod: The Shocking Chris Pratt Results

The people have spoken, and they want muscles. In the great American debate over which version of Chris Pratt—dadbod or rippedbod—is hotter, the winner is clear: of the just over 20,000 votes, 61 percent went to rippedbod, making dadbod something like the Walter Mondale of body types.

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Kevin Hart only makes it drizzle at the club

Kevin Hart celebrated back-to-back sold-out shows at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena at 24-hour club E11EVEN — but rather than making it rain, he made it “drizzle.”

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Did Tiger Woods cheat on Lindsey Vonn?

Tiger Woods might have cheated again.

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‘Gossip Girl’ Star’s White House Petition To Bring Her Kids Home Hits Crucial Goal

Actress Kelly Rutherford’s petition asking the White House to help bring her children back to the U.S. hit a key goal — 100,000 signatures — on Tuesday after other stars promoted it on social media.

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Getting coffee and picking up laundry are things a personal assistant should do … talking about sex and commenting on his boss’ body are not … but that’s exactly what Robbie Williams’ former assistant claims was on his punch list.

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Ryan Reynolds has finally jumped on social media

Better late then never.

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Fans support Lindsay Lohan outside Brooklyn day care center

Lindsay Lohan’s career may be flailing, but she can still draw a crowd — even when she’s performing community service.

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Nursery school warns parents Linsday Lohan’s coming to class

Most schools send home letters warning parents about the flu or a lice outbreak.

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