13 Celebutard News Stories for November 14,2014

1.Al Roker’s 34-Hour Live Television Marathon Is a Glorious Mess


Photo Courtesy By Troy Tolley

Dog poop, chicken wings, hugging a television screen, and an MSNBC anchor in her pajamas. Last night I watched an hour of Al Roker’s attempt to break the world record for longest live television weather report, and something’s definitely broken, but it isn’t the record. Read Here

2.Nick Cannon to host ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ reboot


Photo Courtesy ByNick Step

NBC will revamp “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” originally hosted by Robin Leach, but this time around, Nick Cannon will host the reformatted series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Read Here

3.Paper: We airbrushed but Kim’s butt is ‘not augmented’


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Kim Kardashian‘s derriére-displaying Paper magazine cover is the real deal, says the lifestyle mag’s editorial director, Mickey “Mr. Mickey” Boardman. Read Here

4.Kardashian, Lopez, Minaj bring pride to asses everywhere


Photo Courtesy By ThisIsJonny

It is a sight to behold and more than enough to hold on to. I call your attention to a masterpiece for the ages: The Botticelli of booties. The Degas of derrieres. The Rembrandt of rear ends. In all of its unblemished magnificence, it’s — Kim Kardashian’s buttocks.Read Here

5.J.Lo’s Is the Ass That Got Sir-Mix-A-Lot Sprung


Photo Courtesy By socogirl5000

Anthony Ray, aka Sir-Mix-A-Lot, has finally weighed in on the culture’s recent bout of booty mania. And thank God he has. Read Here

6.Bono Escapes Death, Loses Luggage After Jet’s Door Breaks Off Mid-Flight


Photo Courtesy By Phil Romans

On Wednesday, a private jet carrying Bono from Ireland to Germany somehow managed not to crash after one of its goddamn doors flew off mid-flight, reportedly scattering the U2 frontman’s luggage somewhere in Europe. Read Here

7.‘Cake Boss’ got mouthy with the cops after arrest


Photo Courtesy By Charles Atkeison

Reality star Buddy Valastro was pulled over for drunken driving in his flashy yellow Corvette in Manhattan Thursday, and told the officers, “You can’t arrest me, I’m the Cake Boss!” authorities said. Read Here

8.Sean Penn and Charlize Theron — Cops Called Over Her Screaming Son


Photo Courtesy By Strange de Jim

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron had their morning hike interrupted by cops Thursday … after another hiker accused them of possibly mistreating Charlize’s toddler … but we’re told cops determined they did nothing wrong … TMZ has learned.Read Here

9.Prosecuted for Not Paying Child Support For Molested Daughter


Photo Courtesy By Lwp Kommunikáció

Mama June stiffed the woman who took care of June’s daughter after she was molested by June’s boyfriend … this according to Georgia prosecutors who filed a criminal case against her.Read Here

10.Richard Simmons dissapeared From Sight – Injury and Depression

7219713376_42d07ce6f2_o (1)

Photo Courtesy By aadunn

Something is seriously wrong with Richard Simmons … he disappeared for almost the entire year … and we’re told there’s a physical problem that has led to debilitating depression.Read Here

11.Miley Cyrus and Arnold’s Son Proof They’re Banging …Or Just Driving Together


Photo Courtesy By Kyle May

Miley and Arnold’s son were seen leaving a Q&A at the Egyptian Theatre for a new movie produced by Maria Shriver called “Still Alice” … before getting into a ride and peacing out.Read Here

12.1D’s Harry meets the royal family in style


Photo Courtesy By themikeroberts

Harry Styles charmed Kate Middleton and Prince William with his looks — and his fierce leopard-print jacket.Read Here

13.Paris Hilton Take That Deadmau5 … I Won a DJ Award

LFW Autumn 2006: Julien Macdonald

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Paris won “Women’s Newcomer of the Year” Wednesday at the NRJ DJ Awards …Read Here

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