Utah's Most Loved Burritos: The People Have Spoken

Burritos are the ultimate and perfect food. If we look at this idea from a certain perspective, all platter-type food is simply a rearrangement of meat, cheese, bread and some sort of veg. The real separation comes from the use of spices, sauces, ease to eat and presentation. The Burrito has so many options when it comes this criteria. Pizza can only go so far before people call it a calzone.

A burrito-brain-trust came up with a list of just about every representation and incarnation of burritos their grey matter could eek out. This list was then subjected the list to nearly 1,000 people (well, 925 to be exact) and, well, people certainly had their favorites.

The results:

1. Café Rio: 282Depositphotos_33368395_m
2. Beto’s: 148
3. Chipotle: 126
4. Costa Vida: 104
5. Red Iguana: 60
6. Freebird’s: 46
7. That Taco Cart by the downtown Sears: 32
8. Rancherito’s: 31
9. Barbacoa: 23
10. Blue Iguana: 18
11. Trés Hombres: 12
12. Molcasalsa: 11
13. Alberto’s: 11
14. Sushi Burrito: 7
15. Chunga’s: 6
16. Su Casa: 5
17. Miramar: 3

People certainly are loyal to Café Rio with a wide margin over Beto’s by nearly double. I suppose folks in Utah prefer to eat burritos with a knife and fork rather than a traditional burrito in one hand and packet of hot sauce in the other. I suppose it is hard to enjoy enchilada style with your paws.  Also, one could argue that Beto’s, Alberto’s and Rancherito’s are basically that same thing: good and fast when you’ve had a night out. That being said, everyone still has a favorite among them. I suppose it depends how many cervezas deep you’re rolling by the time the craving hits.

If you are looking at bang for the buck you can’t beat the taco carts around Salt Lake for a quick bite.

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