Celebrity News for October 21 2015

Replacing the word ‘wand’ with ‘penis’ in Harry Potter never gets old

Sometimes, comedy can be a conflicting thing and never has that been more true than this Tumblr post demonstrating what happens when you replace the word “wand” for “penis” in Harry Potter.

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Did Christina Ricci And Devon Sawa Hook Up During ‘Now And Then’?

Attention ’90s children, Christina Ricci “got with” Devon Sawa in some capacity while they were filming Now and Then, according to co-star Thora Birch.

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Jaden Smith Compares Himself to Galileo, Says It’s an ”Honor” That People Think He’s ”Crazy”

The 17-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith opens up to GQ in a new interview, which has left us scratching our heads trying to figure out whether the kid is a genius or a little insane.

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Tracy Morgan will tour in 2016

Tracy Morgan made a triumphant return to “Saturday Night Live” in New York on Saturday. Now he’s going to take the big stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. — as well as theaters in several other cities.

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Bob Barker — TV legend, ex-‘Price is Right’ host — hospitalized after fall

Barker tripped and hit his head on a sidewalk Tuesday morning, said Officer Ricardo Hernandez of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Jimmy Butler Removes Rearview Mirror in His Car as a Symbol to Never Look Back

Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler is a man of great purpose and little concern for safety on the road.

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What did ‘Back to the Future II’ get right?

“Back to the Future” Day is today and fans are tallying up the 1989 film’s predictions of life in the year 2015.

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Sorry Internet, Taylor Swift Isn’t Going To Earn $365 Million This Year

Her final figure will likely land somewhere around one third of that sum, which will still probably be enough to make her music’s top earner.

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