Celebutard News – January 13, 2015

Wahlburgers restaurants are coming to New York


Image By Tasayu Tasnapun

John Cestare, from Big Apple Burgers, has secured franchise rights from Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg and will be opening seven locations.

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Angie’s ex wants to sleep with Jennifer Aniston


Image By Pimkie

During a game of “Would you rather?” Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, revealed that he would “rather” with Aniston, 45, above anyone else.

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Gary Oldman and fourth wife divorcing


Image By Renee Barrera

Gary Oldman and his fourth wife, Alexandra Edenborough, are calling it quits.

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Bill Murray planned ‘Kanye’ prank on Clooney


Image By David Shankbone

Murray, a longtime Clooney pal and a guest at his wedding, planned to “pull a Kanye” (referring to when Kanye West rushed the stage and grabbed the mike at the 2009 VMAs as Taylor Swift accepted an award) and dash onstage when Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle were presenting the dapper star with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

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Who Crippled Poor Kathy Bates at the Golden Globes: A Conspiracy Theory


Image By matteomerletto

Our modern-day Nancy Kerrigan—best supporting actress in a miniseries nominee Kathy Bates—was reportedly injured by an unknown assailant during the Golden Globe broadcast Sunday night.

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Kate Gosselin Has a Millionaire Boyfriend


Image By Penn State

 It’s a classic story of rags to riches (serious riches) to part-time coupon blogging to yet more riches: Kate Gosselin has landed a millionaire boyfriend.

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Matt Lauer avoids passenger on flight home from the Globes


Image By Jeffrey Simms

Matt Lauer was forced to sit next to his pretty co-worker Natalie Morales on a red-eye flight after a mournful stranger in first class started telling him about an all-day funeral.

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Did Blake Lively Name Her Baby “Wallpaper Lively”?


Image By David Shankbone

Babies are like wallpaper: some houses have them, some houses don’t. But Blake Lively’s baby may have even more in common with wallpaper than we would have guessed, which was already an amount slightly above average. Her name might be “Wallpaper.”

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Brian Williams watched Allison’s racy sex scene on ‘Girls’


Image By EventPhotosNYC

Allison Williams might be the butt of all jokes on the fourth season of “Girls.”

Williams’ character, Marnie, started the season with a sex scene involving her derriére and Ebon Moss-Bacharach, who plays Desi.

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Judge Shuts Down Ex-Boyfriend … Stop Selling Her Crappy Songs


Image By Laura Murray

Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend/producer jacked a bunch of songs from her that are the exact opposite of fancy — in fact, they’re unfinished crap according to Iggy … and a judge just agreed with her.

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Angie ‘hurt’ and ‘upset’ over Golden Globe snub


Image By Pete Morawski

Sources at the Golden Globes were buzzing on Sunday night that Angelina Jolie was pained that she and her film “Unbroken” were snubbed.

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