Celebutard News – March 12, 2015

Michele Bachmann has cameo role in upcoming ‘Sharknado 3’ film

Helping dispatch man-eating sharks is Michele Bachmann’s latest gig. The former U.S. representative is pulling out her acting chops with a part in “Sharknado 3,” the third film in the goofy and exaggerated weather horror disaster franchise. Bachmann participated in filming in front of the White House Wednesday morning. Director Anthony C. Ferrante said. Bachmann’s scene is with Washington Redskins player Tom Compton, who plays a reporter interviewing her.

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‘I’m an NYC cab driver — and starring opposite Robin Wright in ‘House of Cards’!

’This NYC cabby is on top of the world with a key role on hit show “House of Cards.” Alexander Sokovikov took a hiatus from his yellow taxi shifts to film Season 3 of the Netflix drama. Inset: In the scene everyone’s talking about, Robin Wright (right) makes a major power move on Sokovikov’s character in a women’s restroom.

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Kim Cattrall slams Jamie Dornan: ‘He doesn’t look like a man’

Kim Cattrall is not impressed by Jamie Dornan. “Maybe it’s my age, but he doesn’t look like a man to me,” the former “Sex and the City” actress told The Independent of the 32-year-old hunk taking the box office by storm. “He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men.”

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Ashton Kutcher demands more diaper changing tables in men’s bathrooms

Changing dirty diapers is awful enough, never mind if there is nowhere clean and convenient to do it. “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in mens public restrooms,” says Ashton Kutcher, new dad, television star and tech entrepreneur.

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Meet Ryan Seacrest’s new lady

There’s a new lady in Ryan Seacrest’s life. Seacrest, who recently turned 40, met model Renée Hall at his star-studded birthday bash in Napa Valley on Feb. 28, according to People.

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Owen Wilson hits on models after hitting runway for ‘Zoolander’

After Owen Wilson strutted a Paris fashion week catwalk with Ben Stiller as fictitious male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel to promote their in-the-works “Zoolander” sequel, the single star turned his attention to models of the female variety.

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Channing Tatum’s Baby Is Literally Channing Tatum’s Face on a Baby Body

Did you know Channing Tatum’s baby has plagiarized his face and copied it directly onto her baby body without attribution? We discovered this today after coming across the above photo of Channing’s wife Jenna (clad in star-printed pants—see below) carrying the couple’s child Everly (also clad in star-printed pants—see above) in Los Angeles.

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Kathy Griffin speaks out: ‘I wouldn’t have said’ Zendaya joke

Now that she’s talking, Kathy Griffin isn’t holding anything back. The “Fashion Police” host says she never would have made the controversial joke about actress Zendaya’s dreadlocks that landed co-panelist Giuliana Rancic in hot water after last month’s Oscars.

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Johnny Depp injures hand Down Under

Johnny Depp has been sidelined for two weeks after injuring his hand. The 51-year-old actor was not on set of his new film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” during the incident, reports Variety.

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Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Care If Your Brand is On Fleek

Brands—can they ever be cool? Nicki Minaj, in one effortless tweet, puts a final nail in the tirelessly overstuffed coffin home to the maggot-eaten corpses of every brand Twitter account to boast an intimate and casual understanding of bae. Sit dat ass down.

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Answer man Trebek’s new ‘Jeopardy!’ deal takes him through 2018

Good news for Will Ferrell: “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek has extended his deal through 2018. Trebek, who’s been famously lampooned by Ferrell on “Saturday Night Live” — tussling with Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) in a long-running “Celebrity Jeopardy!” skit — will stay on the game show through 2018 under a new deal with Sony Pictures Television.

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Cops Swarm Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion After Swatting Hoax

A call to police claiming that a shooting had taken place at Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home was a hoax, and no such shooting took place, according to local law enforcement. A SWAT team responded to the rapper’s home after the call this afternoon.

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Top ‘View’ producer fired for berating Rosie O’Donnell

A top producer of “The View” has been fired by ABC brass for brashly berating former host Rosie O’Donnell in front of the show’s entire staff, Page Six has exclusively learned. Jennifer Shepard-Brookman, a senior producer who has worked at the ABC daytime show for over eight years, was “profoundly and publicly disrespectful” to O’Donnell in front of the whole staff at a production meeting in early February, show insiders told us.

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“His Penis Was Hanging Out”: Alleged Stephen Collins Victim Speaks

Months after a teary Stephen Collins went on 20/20 to tell Katie Couric that he’s not a pedophile, one of his alleged victims has come forward, recounting in lengthy detail to the Daily Mail how the then 35-year-old 7th Heaven reverend exposed himself to her three times when she was 13-years-old.

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Angie Stone: Daughter’s Teeth Were Rotting Before Fight Broke Out

Angie Stone’s daughter definitely has a messed up grill after the fight that got Angie arrested, but the real reason her teeth fell out might be failure to root canal … instead of a blow from her mother.  As TMZ first reported, Angie admitted to cops she hit Diamond with a metal jewelry stand in self defense. Diamond says the stand knocked out 2 teeth.

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Wendy Williams calls Chris Brown’s baby-mama drama ‘sloppy’

Talk show host Wendy Williams has some choice words for singer Chris Brown’s latest baby-mama drama and Kim Kardashian’s new look. “I am surprised this is Chris’ first,” Williams told The Post at Monday’s preview for her new HSN clothing line. “I would have pegged him to have at least three kids by now. He is good for at least eight kids and nine baby mothers.”

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Lindsay Lohan: New Rules for Community Service

Lindsay Lohan’s prosecutor must be a fan of The Who … ’cause he just told her, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” — and introduced a new set of rules for her to complete her community service. Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley attended the hearing in L.A. Wednesday, and informed the judge … prosecutor Terry White spoke to the director of CSV in London, and ok’d the company to continue monitoring LiLo’s hours.

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Sam Simon: Beloved Dog Coping with Death

Sam Simon’s cherished 3-year-old dog is heartsick over his owner’s death, but there’s already a new owner who is doing everything he can to ease the blow.  Tyson Kilmer, one of Sam’s close friends who is also a dog trainer, tells us shortly after Sam was diagnosed, he called with a request — love and cherish his Italian mastiff after he died.

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The “Blurred Lines” Verdict Is Bad News, Even If You Hate Robin Thicke

Thanks to the decision of a Los Angeles jury yesterday afternoon, pop-music fans have a fun, frightening new game to play: Who’s Next? No, not named after the Who album—though maybe its infamous pissing-on-the-wall cover shot might now inspire a lawsuit from Andrew Loog Oldham, who as the Rolling Stones’ manager spread the rumor that his charges had urinated all over a gas station after the attendant wouldn’t let Mick, Keith and co. use a restroom.

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Breaking Bad Creator Asks Fans to Please Stop Terrorizing Elderly Couple

The problem with lending your home out for TV productions is someone still has to live there afterwards. And when it’s a really popular show, thousands of people might show up trying to throw pizza on top of your roof—the apparent fate of the elderly couple living in the home used for the fictional White family on Breaking Bad.

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A New Poll Shows Tina Fey Should Host ‘The Daily Show’

“The Daily Show” is about to have a vacancy, and America wants Tina Fey “to go to there.” According to a new Quinnipiac University National Poll, 19 percent of voters across the nation want Fey to take Jon Stewart’s place after the latter’s departure from his Comedy Central show. Another “SNL” alum, Dennis Miller, came in at 16 percent, and Chelsea Handler, John Oliver, Craig Ferguson and Brian Williams were all in the single digits.

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