Utah Summit Could Have Saved Blink-182

Blinkgate is a real thing, now. Deflategate hath been trumped. We are in full-on meltdown. Yesterday Mark and Travis claimed Tom DeLonge was no longer in Blink-182 and had tapped Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio to join them for an upcoming gig. Tom fired back and said it was news to him.

Then Mark and Travis gave Rolling Stone an interview basically saying they were kicking Tom out of the band calling him “disgraceful” among other things.

Every single thing that we’ve heard from his camp — from e-mails from his manager to our production team — was, “Tom is out indefinitely. For the foreseeable future, Tom is done.”

Today Tom hopped on Facebook and threw up an open letter to fans:

In the letter he points out:

The big reset was when I tried to put together a band summit in Utah where we’d talk and work things out. It quickly was narrowed down to three hours in someone’s dressing room in a shitty casino.

So to recap, Utah > shitty casino. There you have it in simple logic. If they would have come to Utah, Blink-182 wouldn’t be in the pickle they are in now. We heal here. That’s what we do. “This is the place” (I forget who said that).

I think I know how they can make up…

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