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16 Celebutard Stories for December 19, 2014

‘Colbert Report’ Final Episode Includes Santa Claus and Tons of Celebrities Image Courtesy of Jeff Rubin A horde of celebrities helped to send off host Stephen Colbert on the final episode of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” Thursday, singing a group rendition of the song “We’ll Meet Again.” Read Story Anthrax Announces Their Own Bourbon Brand Image Courtesy of Daniel…

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Boner Candidates for December 19th, 2014

Boner Candidate #1 – 5-Year-Old Snitch Photo Courtesy of Steven Depolo Police in Alabama arrested a man after finding 14 grams of heroin hidden in his 2-year-old daughter’s diaper, a discovery aided by a tip from the girl’s 5-year-old sister, authorities said Tuesday. Read More   Boner Candidate #2 – It Has To Be Legit Rape Photo Courtesy of Don…

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Photo by Zennie Abraham via Flickr

You Don’t Need to See “The Interview” Because Here’s the Ending

Yup, we have agreed the terrorists have won because instead of going to the local cineplex and enjoying “The Interview” we have to spend time with our families or just relaxing. Since Sony has indefinitely pulled the release of this film debate has raged and the it’s a one-sided debate: “How dumb is Sony?” Basically, that is a moot point….

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Christmas Songs That Must Go.

Ya, I get it. Christmas cheer, sing it loud for all to hear. Fa la la la la… What about the Christmas songs that turn a cheery glow to the least likable of the fifty shades of gray; you know, the one with the puke-ish hue that doesn’t make your palms twitch? The songs that evoke the most basic of…

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6 Celebutard News Stories for December 18, 2014

1. Anna Kendrick Got a Furry Dildo for Christmas Photo Courtesy of Emma Jordan Anna Kendrick dropped by the Late Show on Tuesday night to discuss her very exciting appearance in Into the Woods, but instead got sidetracked by a fur dildo. (Read More) 2. Santa Claus Hands Out $100 Bills to Workers in Massachusetts Photo Courtesy of Susan Averello A generous…

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Boner Candidates for December 18, 2014

Boner Candidate #1 – Try & Walk around with this noodle Photo Courtesy of Trozzolo Two North Kansas City parents are outraged after they say their blind son’s cane was taken away from him at school by a bus driver. (Read More) Boner Candidate #2 – I need some air Photo Courtesy of Doug The first-time traveller opened the plane’s…

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Lounge X: Bear Hands and You

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I just backed my car over the Christmas presents…

Yup.  You hear it all the time.  “CHECK BEHIND YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU BACK OUT”.  Those are the words that echoed through my brain as I backed my car out of the garage this morning, at the same time utterly destroying an entire afternoon’s worth of shopping at The Container Store.   SON OF A BITCH My wife digs The…

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Lounge X: Priory

They came. They had a nice, healthy lunch. They played a very cool stripped down set. They are Priory and here are the photos from Lounge X. Keep an eye on X96.com. You never know when one of your favorite bands may pop in for a set.

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