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Sonic Drive-In Battle of the Bands

X96 presents the Sonic Drive-In Summer Concert Series. This is a battle of the bands type event, with a Live & Local type feel. We’re taking submissions now from local bands for the chance to play the X96 Toyota Big Ass Show on May 8th at USANA Ampitheathre. Submit your clean/radio friendly music on here with a brief band bio…

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Geek News on the Radio April 20th

Trailer Report: ‘Star Wars’ Soars to 30 Million Views in First 24 Hours The first ‘The Force Awakens’ trailer holds the record for biggest week ever.  Star Wars fans welcomed Chewie back into their homes in droves.  The second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakensreceived 30.65 million views during its first 24 hours on YouTube, according to technology firm ZEFR,…

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Boner Candidates for April 20, 2015

Boner Candidate #1: THE FIRST PROBLEM AT JIMBO’S DELI WAS THE AWFUL FOOD Image By zen Sutherland Sometimes a business owner voices a controversial opinion and donations flood in from across the country in support. Other times the donations just don’t come. Jim Boggess sparked some controversy when he posted a “White History Month” sign in the window of his…

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Celebutard News – April 20, 2015

Martha Stewart cares about the elderly Martha Stewart’s Center for Living, 101st and Madison, a ground-floor outpatient facility, has been visited by 5,000 who are 65 and older. Read Story Ariana Grande’s Dad Warns Big Sean Not to Give Dick Meeting the parents is always complicated. There’s even several movies about it! Read Story KIM RICHARDS ARREST PUTS HER ON ‘RHOBH’ Chopping…

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Lounge X: The Maine 2015

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Lounge X: The Maine and You

The Maine dropped by for a Lounge X at Club 50 West, and met many, many, many of you. Just about every single person in Utah met The Maine on April 17th, 2015. Here’s proof.

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X96 Lounge X: The Maine

The Maine stopped by for some songs and a chat in another Lounge X at Club 50 West before their performance at The Complex on April 17th. 2015. Enjoy these performances and Richie T’s “Meet the Bands” interview with them.

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Plain White T’s with Radio From Hell

The Plain White T’s are playing Club 50 West tonight, April 17th, so they woke up amazingly early for rock star time and stopped in to chat with Kerry, Bill and Gina. Or, if you are a theater of the mind kind of person, here is the audio.

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